If You have TV problems or the TV is acting up, if You need TV repair specialist, here is the place. We are a family owned and operated company that provides tv repair services in South Lyon MI, and have been in TV repair business over 30 years. For that time we have had a big experience with Big Screen TV repair, Projection TV repair, Plasma TV repair, LCD TV repair, HDTV repair, Flat Screen TV repair, DLP TV repair, LED TV repair.

The average repair time is between 1 and 7 days, depending on parts availability. Our specialists will get the job done right.The TV repair services that we provide in South Lyon MI are in home TV repair only.For senior citizens in South Lyon MI also we have a special discount.


We offer in South Lyon MI the following television repairs: Sony TV Repair, Mitsubishi TV Repair, RCA TV Repair, Hitachi TV Repair, Magnavox TV Repair, Toshiba TV Repair, Samsung TV Repair, Akai TV Repair, JVC TV Repair, LG TV Repair, Panasonic TV Repair, Pioneer TV Repair, Philips TV Repair, Sanyo TV Repair, Sharp TV Repair, Sylvania TV Repair, Viewsonic TV Repair, Vizio TV Repair, Zenith TV Repair, Advent TV Repair, Insignia TV Repair, Olivia TV Repair, Polaroid TV Repair, NEC TV repair.

Our technicians are highly specialiazed in the TV repairs of : Big Screen TV, Plasma TV, Projection TV, HDTV, Flat Screen TV, DLP TV, LCD TV, LED TV. All our work is guaranteed and insured.